Study Looks at Generational Divide and Why They leave Their Employer

A recent study of 2477 Canadians working in various professions to determine attitudes towards work and the factors that lead to high levels of engagement was presented by David Alpin and Associates. The results showed how these factors vary between Kidployees and the mature work force.

In the study they found that Kidployees want it all. If they don’t get what they feel is fair compensation, they’re ready to go searching for a new job. Employers must understand Kidployees’ expectations before they make an offer of employment. The study confirmed HiringSmart’s view that when you over-promise and under-deliver to Kidployees, they won’t give you a second chance.

The Mature Workers are more concerned with ethical issues. 96 percent said they would leave if asked to do something unethical, or if their company was doing something unethical. Secondly, they would accept an “unexpected job offer” if they were dissatisfied with their current job and salary.

Surprisingly, participants in the study over age 50 were less concerned with their level of compensation than with how they were compensated.

Message to employers - be clear about your employment brand in your marketing. Know who you are hiring before you make the decision to offer employment. It much easier to fire before you hire.

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